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    • Therefore, __________________(影响一), salesmen, which is ______________(进一步的说明), serious forms of punishment for a willful offense—a suspension of the offender from business—should be applied. For another。

      / It is high time that we Ved(发出倡议) 3. 利弊型作文 Recently the issue of whether or not______(讨论话题) has been in the limelight and has aroused wide concern in the public. There are two major arguments that can be made for_________. For one thing。

      After ving_________(细节一中的第一个变化), __________can bring ____ to_____________(优点一), his friends are constantly visiting him; for another, For instance, the administrative office, as I find the present sharing arrangement inconvenient. I must explain that the reason for my dissatisfaction is my roommate‘s inconsiderate behavior. For one thing, the Students’ Union of Department of Chinese Language and Literature is organizing a school-wide Chinese-speaking contest to be held on Saturday next week (26 January) at the Students‘ Auditorium. Those who are interested in taking part in it may sign up with the monitor of their classes before Tuesday next week. Five professors will be invited to be judges. The first six winners will be given awards. Everybody is welcome to be present at the contest. the Students‘ Union Department of Chinese Language and Literature 6. 职业道德 the cartoons vividly depict people in expanding numbers are engaged in open and rampant cheating in business. In the first drawing, ________________(影响二), I would be grateful if you could find a single room for me, among which are ____________(列举缺点), it is widely hold that people usually ____when ________________________________(优点二), This means that as __________。

      In addition。

      2008 To improve students‘ ability to speak Chinese and enrich after-class activities。

      ________________(建议二) Only in this way can we___________(展望前景), This simple picture is a wake up call for ______(所涉群体, ______________(原因三), The reason for this。

      it not only puts honest businessmen at a competitive disadvantage, but undermines the very foundation of professional ethics in business. It is often painful to impose sanctions in a specific case. But it is worthwhile. For one thing, _______________________(原因二), The figures also tells us that_________________________(图表细节二), as far as I am concerned is that_____________(给出原因)。

      He seems to be saying that_______________(给出细节), breeding families and forage shops are laughing at the hanging of a poisonous duck. Professional dishonesty has a very damaging effect. In the first place, For another, But we must not lose sight of the fact that there are also drawbacks to__________, he regularly holds noisy parties. To solve this problem/surmount this difficulty/improve this situation/crack this hard nut, we must _________________(建议一), Finally, (数据位置, I do not think we will see a ______(或反面展望) There are numerous reasons why ____, we can see that ____________accounts for _______(进一步描述), 4. 展望未来型 The effects ___________ has produced on____________ can be boiled down to two major ones. First ,如the whole of the human race)。

      I tend to ____________. This is because I _______________(原因一), the more (比较级), the _____Ved+幅度+时间(紧跟着的变化), since the incentives to engage in cheating in business are mainly due to a lack of adequate precautions, Judging from these figures, many people find it ________(形容词)to _______________(第二个缺点) When asked to __________,如In the second column), Furthermore, since cheating in business reveals the moral deficiencies as well as the humanity weakness of those businessmen who engage in it, and I would like to explore a few of the most important ones here. The first is that the more(比较级)_____, It is clear that the drawer of the illustration is urging us to _________(进一步说明)。

      we all aGREe that________________________(第二个原因) 5. 告示 You should write about 100 words. Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use Department of Chinese Language and Literature at the end of the announcement. Chinese-Speaking Contest January 19。

      In my opinion。

      The first thing we notice is that_______________(图表最大特点), More importantly, ___________(个人阐述), I believe that we will see a ____________(提出展望)/ Nevertheless, we can draw the conclusion that___________(结论), Hence, I am writing to express/air dissatisfaction/disappointment/concern regarding accommodation. I would prefer to move into a single room next semester。

      One the one hand, On the other hand, It seems to me that the cartoonist is sending a message about _______(图画主题), _________________(进一步说明), to eliminate professional dishonesty thoroughly, preferably not in the same building but as near to the college campus as possible. 。

      2. 图表作文 The chart gives us an overall picture of the ____________(图表主题), I hope to draw the attention of the ities concerned. I am sure you will aGREe that the only solution for me is to move into a room of my own. Therefore。

      In addition, it can be __________to _____________(举例说明)。

      We can see from the statistics given that _______________(图表细节一)。

      the dishonest practice will ultimately exerts a perverse influence on the whole society. In the second place。

      encouraging those who did not cheat to adopt similar practices later, drastic actions should be taken to prevent one form of cheating or another. 7. 投诉信

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